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We have annotated millions of lines of customer voices for the World’s most valuable Brands.

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Sentiment Analysis



Conversational AI

Time Tested with World’s Best Brands 

We have analyzed customer voices for millions of reviews across industries like Consumer Electronics, Banking and Financial Services, Telecom, Fast Food/Restaurants/Hotels, Audio/Music Systems, Personal Care, Retail, Luxury/Lifestyle Brands, Airlines, EDAP, Information Technology, Automobile, Pharma/Healthcare etc to get them operationalize towards productivity.

Our Annotators are Experienced

Our resources are experienced. Simply put, insights is in their DNA . With an experience of tagging “Thousands of Insights” day in day out, they cannot help but get insights when people merely talk to them. They sense as they read, they practically listen to any conversation like a customer feedback and identify insights.

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SentiCheck Tool

Our SentiCheck tool, helps in Rapid Annotation exercise on TEXT, Image and Video annotations. With high level of Review capability for Accurate QA and highly Accurate outcomes. It gives your team a great level of control and tracking changes with several layers through the Annotation exercise. SentiCheck has the ability to accommodate multiple Tags for same/similar Texts that your SMEs/Analysts would need for accurate predictions in real life situation


Services We Offer

Gfactors helps and improves the customer experience by putting customer feedback to work.
We decoded at least a 100 million live lines of customer feedback for our clients to accelerate their AI and Machine Learning models. We help build smart interactions by deploying Bots, Alexa Skills and Google Agents to empower customers with Conversational AI.
Sentiment Analysis

Messages from CRMs & Social Handles for brand reviews, feedback Positive, Negative & Neutral.

Intent & Behavior Analysis

Opinion, News, Marketing, Complaint, Suggestion, Appreciation, and Query.

Product Insights

Analyzing social media reviews across channels.

Smart Responses

Creation of Automated smart answers to typical questions. Automated needs to be automated.

Conversation AI Commerce

Virtual Agents to handle consumer queries and product recommendation.

Location Insights

Insights from the location component of business data for e-commerce companies.

Image Annotations

Annotate/Label images precisely for image processing platforms.

Audio Annotations

Recognize and annotate audio, sound or speech files.

Video Annotations

Video segmentation annotation for a visual perception model.

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Industries we served

Banking & Financial Services
Pharma & Healthcare
Audio & Music Systems
Luxury & Lifestyle Brands
Hospitality & Hotels
Information Technology
Automobile Industry
Government Sector


We help our clients convert
customer voices into Data for Actionable Insights.

4th Floor, Poonam Chambers , #306, HRBR Layout, 3rd Block ,
Hennur Main Road, Near Hennur Bus Depot, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043

+91 6364908586

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